AXIWI CR-001 Aufladesystem für 10 AXIWI Geräte



The AXIWI CR-001 charging dock for 10 AXIWI AT-320 units comes complete with a matching power supply and network cable. AXIWI devices fit securely in the charger and if the power cable is connected you can start charging. At the start of charging the led of the ‘S ‘ button is red and it turns into green when the battery is fully charged. Up to ten AXIWI AT-320 units can be charged at the same time.

Product specifications

  • 1 cradle station for 10 units
  • 1 main cable
  • 1 power supply 100-240V ac 50-60 Hz > 5V 5000mA
  • Weight empty cradle with transformer and mains cable: 0.65 kg approx
  • Dimensions for charger only (LxWxH) : 21 x 9 x 6 cm
  • Simply place the AXIWI units into the cradle until you hear a click. Connect the transformer with the mains cable to the mains and recharging will start.


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