Research among  more than 500 referees shows that through the use of a communication system, also called ‘headset‘, referees making decisions more correctly and faster during a sports game. They also indicate that a communication system can contribute to the honesty, sportsmanship and quality of sports.  

The survey is held by Axitour Communication Systems, supplier of communication systems in sports. One of the most popular technical tools for referees is the wireless communication system also called ‘headset’. With a communication system referees and officials can communicate directly with others by the (‘open’) line connection, just like a telephone conversation.

Faster and correct decisions

In the survey 90% of the referees (those who already working with a communication system) say that they take more correct decisions and 60% indicates that they are making decisions faster.

Most important advantages communication system

The referees indicating that these are the most important advantages of using a communication (in order of importance):

  1. Fast and direct communication with other referees and officials;
  2. The referee team has the ability to support/coaching each other during the game (cooperation);
  3. Referees can take decisions about more game situations;
  4. Less wrong decisions;
  5. Emit more authority/professionalism;
  6. It makes whistling more enjoyable.

Development referee(team)

More than 95% of the referees indicates that a communication system contributes to its own development as a referee. At 97% of the referees it contributes to the development of their referee team. They refer to the improved cooperation by the fast and direct communication with the referees and officials.

And 90% of the referees is convinced that a communication system can help talented referees to develop their skills more quickly.

Faster development ‘starting’ referees

More than 79% of the referee indicates that a communication system contributes to a faster development of starting referees. With a communication system a referee coach can give targeted feedback to the referee in the field, directly (real time) and in the moment.

Contribution to safety referee

A notable outcome of the survey is that 73% of the referees indicates that a communication system contributes to the safety of the referee. The referees indicate that through the direct communication with other referees; there can be observed, anticipated and responded more quickly to incidents on the field.

Honesty and sportsmanship

On the question; whether a communication system can contribute to honesty and sportsmanship in  sports, 96% of the referees indicates that this is the case. This has to do with the more correct decisions, so mistakes will be reduced. This in combination with making decisions faster ensures there will be less discussion and unsportsmanlike behaviour (escalation) on the field. Also 80% of the referees is convinced that a communication system can prevent incidents on the field.

Quality sports game

Do you think a communication system contributes to the quality of a sports game? More than 94% of the referees confirms with the answer ‘yes’. The comments on this question are summarized in the following sentence (one of the notes): “The better the referee, the more fair and better the game”.

The referees who participated on the survey are active on all levels and in a variety of sports. To obtain the information we made a survey for referees who are working with a communications system and who aren’t working with a communication system: 105 to 419.

Infographic: possibilities communication system for referees and sports


More information about the AXIWI communication system for referees you will find here.