Inside the sports club, the referee coordinator is responsible for training and supervising the referees. He ensures that there are educated referees on the field every weekend.

Increasingly, a referee coach using a communication system during the training to educate the referees and talents directly. With the communication system the referee coach is in direct contact with the referee on the sports field.

What exactly are the advantages of communication system? We have put them here at a glance:

  • With a communication system a referee coach is able to coach a referee during the game. This is confined no longer to the rest, before or after the game.
  • The referee coach can evaluate immediately after the match with the referee, based on what he saw and heard through the communication system. He can provide the referee immediately after the match full and proper feedback. This allows a referee to learn faster from his performance on the field.
  • A communications system is a perfect tool to use during the training of novice referees. The referee coach can give direct tips and feedback to the referee about positioning and leashes from the side-line. The referee will quickly learn in practice how he positioned optimally for instance in the field.
  • It is important for a referee to whistle immediately and resolutely. Novice referees are sometimes timid. With a communication system you can direct teach them to respond quickly to game situations and whistling resolutely. These are elements that largely determine the credibility and confidence in a match.
  • Talented young referees would like to develop themselves. By letting the referee coach listen through the communication system he can not only see how a referee responds to game situations, but also hear what he says to fellow referees and game participants. This allows a referee coach receives an accurate and complete picture of how the referee during a match is acting on specific game situations. This information can be evaluated directly after the game.
  • For a referee coach it remains a challenge to interest young people in the profession of ‘referee’, because it still has a dusty image. Whistling with a communication system makes the profession of ‘referee’ more attractive to young people.

Additional tips for using a communication system as a referee coach

  • Make clear arrangements with each other if you work with a communication system. How do you communicate with each other? Which things can and can’t be said? With clear arrangements, the expectations are clear for the referees, which is necessary for leading the game effective and efficient.
  • As a referee coach it is not wise to influence the referee’s decisions in the field. Focus on general feedback by the communication system.
  • It is not a good idea to yell at a referee. This can disrupt the referee in guiding the match.